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Discover Why You Should Train With Software Skills:

  1. We provide courses in Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Outlook in all levels
    Our new software courses include:
    Microsoft Get & Transform (Power Query)
    Microsoft PowerBI
    Microsoft Power Pivot
  2. We provide flexible delivery options:
    Follow standard outlines or customised sessions
  3. Training includes:
    Softcopy training manuals and exercise files
    and after course email support
  4. We have a proven track record in software training for over 15 years
    with highly qualified and experienced trainers
  5. For busy HR managers who want to provide training
    we provide a headache free way of doing training needs analysis
    with our unique online tool.

Excel Tips

We can email you 10 Excel tips. 
Start using Excel more productively

What Our Fantastic Clients Say

Software Skills Laptops

“I was most pleased with clear instruction and doc sharing on MS Teams made it easy to follow along working between my laptop and my desktop (I used this to do the examples). Content was very good - pivot tables and charts”  "The pace and delivery suited my current needs". "I'd like to do more Excel in the future".

Software Skills Laptop

"Small group.

Audrey very thorough and patient.

Great attention to small details.

Pitched at appropriate level.

Great Tips

Software Skills Keyboard

"Our office mgr organised this training".
"I found the facilitator really approachable and tailored the course specifically to our programme."
"I really learned a lot and look forward to further training with you"

Software Skills Laptop

"I heard about Audrey via our HR Mgr who used Audrey in the past for staff training.
I was most pleased with the explanation of how to create and amend Pivot Charts and explanation of Conditional Formatting. I was very happy with how everything was explained & demonstrated

Software Skills Laptop

"I was so pleased with how attentive Audrey was with any questions and how easy this can be done online. Everything ran so smoothly.  She ensured I could see exactly what she was explaining and how everything was to be done.  Audrey's training methods were brilliant".

Software Skills Laptop and Coffee

"Course was very informative & focused on areas that were required by audience".

"A lot of very useful tips throughout the day".

"I would like to attend the next PowerPoint course

About Us

We believe that training should be enjoyable and relaxed and our philosophy is that the client is in the driving seat and any training should be based around their needs or interests. We place great emphasis on practical work, so that the training topics that staff will learn will be relevant to the organisation – ensuring a positive impact on company performance and competitiveness right from the start.

Founded by Audrey Reynolds, an accredited and experienced trainer for over 15 years. We have a panel of expert trainers for specific programmes and provide a comprehensive range of Software Courses including Microsoft Excel. These courses are run online, on and off site, as short two hour or half day sessions to both the corporate sector and the general public. 

We provide customised online training to meet the specific needs of our clients.
Alternatively clients can attend fast track online classes open to all.

Request course outlines to find out more information about our courses or phone us on 086 8072450.

Software Skills Office

Excel Elementary Course Outline

Full standard course outline suitable for learners who are excellent with computers but have little or no knowledge of Excel.

Software Skills Staff

Excel Intermediate Course Outline

Full standard course outline suitable for learners who are excellent with computers and can use Excel but want to improve there existing skills.

Software Skills Employee

Excel Advanced Course Outline

Full standard course outline suitable for learners who are experienced users of Excel and want to gain advanced skills.

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Software Skills


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